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Case 1 Lindsey's Terrible Skin Rash

Terrible Skin Rash 1

Terrible Skin Rash 2

This is a 12 year old girl, Lindsey, who had a terrible painful itching rash from the age of two. She was so bad that she could not go to school, so her grandmother, who looked after her, was schooling her at home. One day, when she was collecting Lindsey's medicines, the pharmacist took her aside and told Granny that if Lindsey continued to take such strong medicine, it was highly probable that she would suffer liver damage.

Granny realised she had to search for a cure for Lindsey and decided to employ a home tutor.  The tutor was appalled at this poor child's condition and contacted her sister, who was an agent for glyco nutritional supplements, to see if she thought they would help.  They contacted the manufacturer who thought they could help. She not only added the nutrients to her diet but applied a special cream containing glyconutrients which Lindsey had to gently rub into the skin.

The photo below shows Lindsey (right) and her cousin 6 months later after an afternoon sunbathing! 

The body is brilliant at healing itself when given what it needs.

Tracey Healed Sunbathing

Case 2 - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Jacklyn before taking glyconutritionals (left) and a few months later working out in the gymn. 

Jaclyn with MS

Jaclyn Healed

Quite a number of wheelchair bound MS sufferers have been able to live more or less normal lives after changing their diet and adding glyconutritionals.  It is only fair to point out, however, that everyone's condition is unique and what might work for one may not work so well for another.

Case 3 - Another Case of M.S. (No picture)

One young mother of two pre-school children started to show symptoms which were diagnosed at MS.  Unable to dress and feed herself, she was advised to try glyconutrition.  Although not completely healed, she can now dress and feed herself and the children, as well as cope with two lively kids - even when she is having 'an attack'.


Case 4 - Down's Syndrome

glyconutrients healing wellness optimal health

Down's Syndrome Michell after glyconutrition

Michelle Desrochers suffered from Down's Syndrome, Asthma, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Frequently  hospitalised because of her asthma, and unable to attend a normal school, she had no friends to come and play with her.  Then someone told her parents about glyconutrients.  Three years later, Michelle was free of her asthma attacks, and was an honour roll student in a normal school.  Surprisingly in that time she also lost most of the characteristic Down's appearance.

Case 5 - Premautre child with Breathing difficulties, Ear Infections and Colds

Juliet was 7 weeks premature. She was born in fairly good health, but soon had breathing difficulties. She regularly developed ear infections and colds. Her breathing was not normal. Juliet was introduced to Glyconutrients and within 2 weeks after she started on these Glyconutrients, Juliet's breathing normalised, and she no longer gets ear infections.  

From a mother in Ontario, Canada.


Case 6 - Child-Killer Disease (VIDEO)

This 7 minute video shows a baby girl with Krabbe's (Krabbay's) DIsease - a disease in which the child gradually loses it ability to smile, eat, sit up etc.  It is usually fatal. This story follows the child's initial downhill slide followed by a series of news bulletins in which her reversal of symptoms results from feeding her glyconutrients.  Click HERE  for the video and HERE for a description of the disease.


Case 7 - Lethal Brain Tumour

Dave Eastman was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor in April 2004, and was told that surgery, radiation and a very toxic chemotherapy would only extend his life 12 months at most. 

Unbeknown to the doctors, Dave took the glyconutrient complex as well as undergoing the standard medical treatment. Three months after diagnosis an MRI showed no trace of cancer.
A year later, an in the intervening months, MRI scans continued to show no trace of the tumour.

Dave remained surprisingly well throught the whole procedure and this was confirmed by blood tests. One doctor commented, "You have a very strong immune system!" Dave just smiled.

Case 8 - Rikkea's Cerebral Palsy

Rikkea was born 9 weeks premature. From about the age of one, Rikkea's problems became very evident that something was not right with her. She could not walk or speak at age 2 due to brain damage;  Cerebral Palsy.   

She was having seizures, constant druelling from the mouth, unable to sit up straight without physical support, chronic constipation, constant upper respitory infections and ear infections, crawled every where, fine and gross motor difficulties, clenched left fist always held across her chest, constant muscular spasms esp. when she got a fright, she was attending physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speach therapy, regular appointments to see craniel osteopath, naturopath, "early childhood intervention" appointments, paediatrician, her left leg was always kind of swung out and the list goes on!

At last her parents heard about glyconutrients and gave her 2 capsules of glyconutrients a day in Dec 1998.  After one week she got up and walked around the house!! She began speaking clearly in sentences! Very quickly in the weeks and months that proceeded, Rikkea dramatically improved.

When Rikkea's case was first reported, she was 6 years old and attends normal school without a teachers Rikkea - Cerebral Palsyaid. She had none of the symptoms listed above.  Her only remaining problem was she has a slight balance problem when walking!

This year, 2003 Rikkea is in year one and loves it. She can write, read, skip run and do things that the average child can accomplish. The parents are so grateful that her craniel osteopath took the time to tell us about "Glyconutrients".

Rikkea is a confident and happy little girl now and the sky is the limit for her future!!  We hope this story may inspire and give hope to those looking for answers.


Case 9 - Pre Menopause

"About three years ago I was experiencing all of the symptoms of Premenopause: frequent headaches, irritability, sore breasts, bloating and unbelievable "brain fog." I spent most afternoons napping. I didn't even care if I got up to make supper.

I decided I needed some help, but I wanted to avoid taking the standard estrogen replacements. At this time a friend introduced me to the Glyconutrients. After reading some information, I became excited to find out that they could help my body overcome the pain of arthritis in my knees, shoulders, and hands. My joints hurt every time I walked down stairs or on uneven ground.

In just a few days I noticed positive changes. For the first time in ten years I felt an urge to take a walk! The worst of the PMS symptoms, the headaches, bloating and brain fog - disappeared within a month. No more naps, and I wake up each morning feeling refreshed. Also, in four months I lost twenty- five pounds, and have kept them off for nearly three years. My entire family uses the Glyconutrients. We choose prevention measures as opposed to disease management."

Case 10 - Multiple Sclerosis

The following is a very new testimony and was the first entry into our Guest Book.
Thank you Carla for sharing this with us.

"I have been on Glyconutrients for 15 months and have gotten terrific results. I was diagnosed with MS in 2003.....but doctors feel it has been as long as 15 years that I have had the disease. I continue to gain my health.....I have my life back!!"

Carla, who is a fitness trainer at a local health club, later gave the following information in an email:

"When I first started on the Glyconutrients, I had a lot of fatigue with my MS.  I also had a lot of pain that I associated with exercise. . I attributed it to the exercise I was doing.  I wasn't sleeping great at night . .. now I sleep right through the night.  I feel if I was not on the Glyconutrients at that point, I would have had to quit my job or cut back substantially.  I started to see noticeable results after 1 month.  I continue to have symptoms, but they are all about 80% better.  I take 3 tablespoons of the Glyconutrients a day for the past 9 months.  I know eventually I will decrease that amount.  I feel once all my symptoms are gone, I will decrease my amount.  I just had my Neurologist checkup last Thursday.  He says I am a boring patient.  Boring is good he says.  He says I show no diagnostic evidence that I have MS.  No one would ever know it!

Comment.  Carla is taking a pretty high daily serving which is expensive.  However, different people require different amounts and you can only find out by experimenting.  Those who take a high enough amount and who stick at it, for long enough are the ones who win through in the end.



Case 11 - Huntingdon's Chorea

Linda Morris, now aged 62, has had Huntingdon's Chorea all her life - it runs in the family. Two of her three living siblings are in residential care. She has 3 young adult children who are showing symptoms of the disease. None of them can work because they cannot concentrate. For 10 years Linda had been on 5 drugs at a time - all antidepressants.


Although Linda was troubled by symptoms as a child, when she reached the age of 36 the disease became a lot worse. Some of the symptoms were described to me as follows:


  • Her brain did not work effectively. The dementia became more apparent.
  • As a child she could not read properly and she had difficulty in understanding the meaning of the words she was reading.
  • She was often confused, fearful and, understandably, depressed.
  • She said that, for example, when making a cake she could confuse the words  'sugar' and 'soda'.
  • She could not walk properly and often fell over.
  • She could not dial a telephone number.
  • She was unable to balance on a bike.
  • She suffered excessive stress in traffic and in certain social situations.
  • She had been in special schools, mental hospitals and even jails.
  • She suffered from manic depression and often felt suicidal.
  • In the last 5 years before her 'cure' she had to have someone living with her.

Linda was intrduced to glyconutrients and glyconutritionals. Within 2 months of starting to take the products she was drug-free. About 1 month later her psychiatrist pronounced her well enough to close her file.  She has not needed to attend him again.




Linda is on the following products:

  • Glyconutrient powder for intercellular communication - 2 tablespoons per day
  • Phytonutrient powder (fruit and vegetable supplement supporting the immune system) - 3 tablespoons per day
  • Phytosterol blend for hormonal balance - 3 and sometimes 6 per day
  • An internal cleanser for intestinal support
  • The vitamins, minerals and antioxidant product
  • A slimming drink in which she disperses the two powders.

When Linda turned 60 she found herself having more mental problems which were brought under control by increasing the glyconutrients to 3 tablespoons per day.

 In the last 3 years before finding these products, Linda had to have someone living with her.  She now lives alone and is able to take care of herself. She rides a bike; she can use a telephone;  she goes for long walks and she can read and understand what she is reading.  Her sight has improved; she no longer suffers from stress in traffic, etc. Her manic depression has gone, so she is no longer suicidal.  She told me "I feel better now at sixty than when I was thirteen".  

 Linda recently broke her ankle.  The doctor was amazed at how quickly it healed.  This is, apparently, not unusual when people are on glyconutrients.

 Linda is not completely cured, for some of her symptoms return if she leaves off the products, but provided she takes them regularly she feels her life is normal. 

 Glyconutrients are demonstrating that, given the right resources, the human body is far more capable of healing itself than we have ever hitherto understood.



Case 12 - Ovarian Carcinoma

To give the details of my ordeal would take months. Instead, let me simply say that I was told by my doctor that I had ovarian carcinoma, stage three to four.  One tumor grew through my colon causing a blockage. The surgeon removed the tumors and repaired the colon. The surgery weakened my colon and it burst a few days later. Soon pelitonitis spread through my abdomen. The doctor later told me they didn't think I'd live another couple months.

I had another surgery and was given a temporary colostomy, and started chemotherapy. I was very sick and lost about forty pounds. In June of 1996, I went into surgery to have my colostomy reversed and the surgeon found a hole in my colon, called a fistula. He repaired that and sent me home for six weeks to recover. By August, I was strong enough to have my colostomy reversed. The incision had healed leaving a two-inch wide scar, which was reopened and removed. The doctor also explored the pelvic area, removing scar tissue, lymph nodes, and giving me a biopsy.

I soon learned that the tissue, and lymph nodes were all concentrated with thousands of small tumors. My oncologist suggested an experimental chemotherapy called Topotican. She gave me a 17 percent chance of recovery. In November of 1996, after trying Topotican for four months, I quit taking the chemotherapy. Soon a tumor showed up growing on my pelvic muscle. The doctor was surprised because only one small tumor was detected instead of thousands. It was so small that my doctor suggested we wait before trying surgery. It was in a bad spot among nerves to my legs and the chances were high for paralysis.

In July of 1997, I tried the Glyconutrients. Not only did my tumor growth slow way down, but also my memory and clarity of mind were almost immediately recovered. My strength and stamina began to return. My neuropathy recovered about 70 percent and I did not catch one infection. Although I had another bout with cancer (this time ovarian cancer), I continued with the Glyconutrients. My husband and I agreed to try the chemo again, as well, but it didn't help. When my doctor wanted me to do the chemo again, I refused. So she suggested another CAT scan to see what the tumor was doing.

On August 15, 1998 I received a phone call from the doctor. The tumor had disintegrated and started to calcify (die)! The scan showed there was no visible tumor activity. Here it is 1999 and it has been a year since my last chemotherapy. My tumor counts are getting high again, and the doctor started me on carboplatnum chemotherapy. I have had four treatments and have two more to go. I have been sicker this time than in the past months. I believe this is because I haven't been using the Glyconutrients. 


Case 13 - Parkinson's Disease

My Dad's Parkinson's Disease

 By Jay Underhill

My name is Jay Underhill. For your encouragement I am forwarding the following brief testimony about my Dad and his experience with Parkinson's Disease. If there is anything you don't understand and want clarified, please feel free to call me. I am willing to help any way I can.

 My Dad was 'returned' to us. I consider this a gift, one for which I will always be grateful to the Lord and the person who suggested we try some very special nutraceutical products. They do not treat any disease, but give the body what it needs to heal and care for itself. In fact, the body is more than capable of doing this when it gets the proper nutritional support.

 I brought my mom and Dad here to Alaska in 1990 so I could care for my very ill mother. Mom had had several strokes and heart attacks. I had been going back to Connecticut several times to care for her, and it was getting very difficult to keep going back and forth. I am grateful mom died here at home in my arms.

 Daddy always was very active. He had been a golfer, and with my insistence, had taken up bowling again. He was excellent.

 Soon after mom passed on, Dad began to complain of symptoms he'd had over the years. They'd been checked out, but there was no satisfactory answer. We eventually learned he had Parkinson's Disease.

 He did not have tremors, but had difficulty getting out of chairs, keeping his balance and clearing his throat. He would start a conversation and then fade till he could hardly be heard. It really frustrated him. He also staggered - like a drunk, he said - when he hadn't even enjoyed a drink!

 At age 83, while in the hospital with aspirational pneumonia, Dad was finally diagnosed with Parkinson's. When the side effects of his medications were explained, he said it sounded worse than the disease, so didn't start for a while. Eventually his medications were increased until it was hard to tell if what we were seeing was Parkinson's or the medications!

 Dad was on a lot of medicine. He had orthostatic hypertension. He would literally bottom out at the table after taking his meds at the start of a meal. I would race for the blood pressure cuff, and he'd be about 70/40!

 My father was becoming a zombie. He was now 85 and not able to speak clearly enough to be understood. He was hardly able to read, and would sit for hours with the 'Parkinson Stare' (called 'mask'). It was breaking my heart.

 I finally called the Parkinson's Department of the University of Washington Medical Center. After asking many questions to get the exact details about Dad's meds, the very wonderful person I spoke to told me Dad didn't even have to be seen. He was toxic from the meds. I was relieved. I had been trying to tell the doctor that the meds seemed to be making him worse. Now I knew I was right.

 I immediately cut back one medication and eliminated another. The blackout spells ceased. (Several of the medications came with the warning that this was one of the side effects.) Dad's doctor agreed with what I had done.

 About a week later, Dad's respite worker asked us to please try some natural products, as she was seeing many of her clients get remarkable improvements from a number of health compromises. We started right away with the glyconutrients, phytonutrients and endocrine support supplement. Within the first month we saw a notable change! Dad began speaking clearly enough for us to understand him, and he was reading for hours on end!

 Then the skin on his face began to peel. I thought "Oh dear, now what?" We took him to the clinic and the doctor who had been working with us to introduce the supplements was delighted! He said the dead skin was sloughing off and being replaced by new pink 'baby' skin. Sure enough, Dad lost the yellow sallow look. He looked great in no time! He also lost the 'mask' and became more animated as his old personality gradually returned.

 Before long, my father was actually able to go to the bowling alley, (we made him use the wheel chair because he was unsteady). Everyone hooted and hollered when his first ball was a strike!

 Now you know why we are so excited. I also weaned Dad totally off his arthritis medication and he never had pain again!

 Everyone was astounded by the changes. There were some incredibly wonderful things that happened that his nurses could hardly believe. I had my Daddy back!

 We added the foodform vitamins to his regimen and switched to bulk glyconutrients when that came out. Everyone needs different amounts, because these nutraceuticals are foods, not medicines - just like some people need to eat more frequently and need different portions. I can share more details when I talk with you directly.

 Try whatever amounts seem to work. I gave Dad the sport product until he didn't seem to need it. The one thing that was a daily battle - and it was a battle - was to get enough water into him every day. I was a MEAN SERGEANT at times, but it was worth it. It is also extremely important to make sure bowels are regular. Without enough water, that can be a real problem. I mixed a bit of juice without sugar and made him frozen cubes. I did whatever it took to get enough water into him.

I will gladly do whatever I can to help. Please e-mail me if you would like a phone number to do three-way calls.


Blessings, Jay Underhill 




Case 14 - Metastatic Melanoma

"You have, maximum, six months to live, " said my oncologist eight years ago. Having seen three other patients of his die within five months of metastatic melanoma, I knew he was telling the truth. So I said, "no" to his proposed chemo treatments.

We prayed to the Lord for guidance and started looking for answers. After weeks of natural therapy and new orientation in Mexico, we began a whole new life based on the principles of WELLNESS. I've done well. I am now the Florida State Champion in the 5K race walk among men aged seventy to seventy-four. But in spite of all the grace of God and victory of these years, my intense search for the best therapy was getting confusing. One year ago a friend told me about the Glyconutrients. Our quest was over - these Glyconutrients were our answer. -



Case 15 - Colon Cancer

Four years ago I had a tumor the size of my fist removed along with about two feet of my colon. I went to Mexico for treatment hoping to avoid the standard year of chemotherapy they were recommending here. The doctor there said because of the type of cancer, he would also recommend chemo along with their alternative treatment of over seventy capsules of supplements / vitamins per day. I took the chemo for about six months, finishing up in April of 1996. I stayed on their supplements and vitamins but gradually was getting toxic to some of them.

I was getting depressed, my liver just could not filter it all, and my skin was an absolute mess. My skin was so dry I remember waking up each morning clawing at my legs, they itched so bad.

In February of 1997 I started the Glyconutrients based on a friend's advice. Within a week, my legs started healing. My farsightedness has improved. I am doing so much better and feel healthy for the first time in years.



Case 16 - A Doctor's Experience


After seeing a presentation about glyconutrients, an American doctor (Dr X) decided to start himself and his family on them.  Five of his patients who had chronic ailments were interested and started as well.  Said Dr X, "When I started the glyconutrients, I noticed incredible energy that was sustained throughout my day. I also noticed increased mental alertness under stress. My wife was suffering from a hormonal imbalance with the birth of our second child. Once she started on the glyconutrients, her energy increased. It helped trim inches off her body and it balanced her entire hormonal system. Our son was born with a suppressed immune system. He suffered with chronic ear infections and respiratory infections which put him behind schedule for vaccinations due to his illnesses. This lasted for six years until we started supplying the glyconutrients to his system. Since that time, he has not been on any medication and hasn't been ill."

 Dr X continues, "My daughter escaped blistering and scarring when she spilled hot tea on her thighs, because we immediately applied the glyconutrients in a gel form. It not only prevented the blistering, but she was able to resume her normal playful activities approximately 15 minutes after the incident. We have been taking these glyconutrients on a daily basis for the past seven years and no one in this family has suffered from the so-called common cold, flu or any respiratory ailment.  Speaking as a health care professional, I find this truly amazing!"

 During the seven years Dr X has been using glyconutritionals he has seen patients regain their health from conditions like autism, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, seasonal allergies, diabetes, periodontal disease, attention deficit disorder, emphysema, asthma, shingles, anorexia nervosa, down syndrome, venereal warts, breast cancer, hyperthyroidism, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic spasms, fibroids, symptoms of menopause, and many other conditions.

 Dr X says that these nutrients have given him the opportunity to change the lives of more people than he thought possible. The miracle is that the body has the ability to heal itself provided we supply the proper nutrition to accomplish that task. He concludes, "These glyconutrients are the foundation we must build on to make that happen".